"My father hurt me, but he didn’t break me. As much as he tried to turn me into exactly what he wanted… I’m my own person.
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Anonymous asked: hey! can i ask what's wrong with bioware? I love the games but know nothing about the company and I'm really curious to hear more about your issues with it if you wouldn't mind. Thank you so much!


This is a very good question, and I am happy to answer it! First of all, I am so sorry about how long this is.

This is a very difficult thing to explain. I’ve been pretty active in Bioware’s various fandoms for around four years now, and it took me a really long time to catch on to what I’m about to explain. I do not, in any way, think less of you for not knowing the stuff I’m about to talk about, because some of it was “you had to be there” grade stuff, and some of it took me literal years to really grasp the scope of. Most people who’ve played the games without really thinking about the company haven’t really been on top of this stuff like my tiny section of fandom has. That’s not a bad thing! But it does mean that it’s hard to explain succinctly what the issues are.

The only way I can really answer this question is with a very long list of things. No singular event or fuck-up created my overall view of Bioware. All the stuff I’m about to get into has contributed in some way. It’s been a long slog of little things (and big things) that have steadily degraded my opinion of the company as a whole. I’ve been actively a fan since the release of DAO, and I actually played Neverwinter and Baldur’s Gate a long time ago. (not that I blame people for not liking Bioware no matter how long they’ve been into the games, I just want to head off the idea that I just haven’t BEEN here long enough to UNDERSTAND)

I’m uncomfortable with the feeling that I have to compromise my morals in order to continue playing games that I enjoy and interacting with stories and characters that mean a lot to me. I’m grateful to the Bioware team for making those characters and stories, believe me. I think there are some people there with entirely good intentions, who are doing their best to bring us games that actually push the boundaries. I believe a lot of the staff really believes what they say in interviews and on their blogs.

But I’m going to talk about why I’m also extremely ashamed to be so heavily associated with their brand. I’m not 100% hate and venom for this company or the people who work for them, my feelings are lot more complicated than that. 

This is a long list of individual events. It’s easy to look at any one of them and go “oh, it’s one little slip-up, most of the time they’re really good about X issue” but when you get all this stuff together, it’s hard to ignore or hand-wave away. Yeah, if it was all one person, or one group, or one franchise, you could blame them in particular. But this is spread out over everything and it’s all stuff that Bioware put it’s seal of approval on. My point isn’t that they’ve made a lot of mistakes. My point is that these things aren’t mistakes at all, they are evidence of a far deeper problem.

Let’s tackle this one issue at a time. I’m going to do a readmore, because this is going to be LONG.

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