Steve Cortez, badass.  Probably one of the most badass characters in the series.

The thing I love about Steve is he’s a badass who’s in touch with his emotions.  He isn’t ashamed of crying, of expressing his grief for his lost love - but he doesn’t let it slow him down.  He gets the job done.  He isn’t a trained fighter, he’s a shuttle pilot and a requisitions guy, but on 2181 Despoina he holds his own against a hoard of reaper troops, figures out just what they need to do to get out of there, and repairs the Kodiak while under fire.  He’s about as crazy as Shepard is - proved it when he suggested using the diving mech, an idea the other squaddies are hesitant about.  He leads Team Hammerhead through the archives in the Citadel DLC, fighting alongside some of the best and bravest in the galaxy.  And he is willing to risk everything he has left in the final push for Earth; if Shepard didn’t help him move on from Robert, he sacrifices himself to keep some of the heat off you.

Plus he’s a total sweetheart who’s genuinely concerned about Shepard, whether they be friends or lovers.  Steve is the best kind of badass.

steve cortez—definitely one of the most badass characters in the series.

because the series itself is all about the many, many different ways to be badass. it doesn’t have a single face; it doesn’t have set requirements. badasses come in all shapes and sizes. some of them are nerds; some of them make terrible jokes; some of them have no idea how to flirt, dance, carry a conversation, finish a sentence without ‘you know?’ and some of them forget to feed their fish; mostly, they all have nightmares. 

this post is a list of exactly why i love steve. because you can cry over what you’ve lost and still fly straight into hell. because you can lose and still live. because sometimes, the unsung backup, the guy who makes sure the machines are running right, the one who swoops in and sweeps the named hero off the battlefield, is more badass than we ever give him credit for. because you can geek the hell out over makes and models and that geeking makes you qualified for the job. because he keeps a smile on his face for when shepard needs it the most. because he’s a gay man and his best friend is a meathead soldier type and both of them defy conventions and ask you, in the most subtle way possible, to question all the stereotypes you take for granted. which is exactly what good science fiction should do. 

steve cortez is the future. he can also rise to meet his own future. and if that isn’t badass i don’t know what is. 

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» Not one moment for granted.

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